Weber Personalized APP

In just a few simple steps, you can have a personalized APP with powerful functions and beautiful interface
Live Merchant Center
Provides one-stop solutions such as live broadcast preview release, multi-platform simultaneous live broadcast, product shelving and order management, shopping guide settings, timeliness management, logistics management, live broadcast data statistics, and dynamic updates. Through the live broadcast merchant center, merchants can easily customize live broadcast content and list products on their mobile phones anytime and anywhere to attract more viewers and achieve sales growth. We are committed to simplifying the live streaming sales process, improving operational efficiency, and allowing merchants to focus on live streaming sales.
Live App
Watch exciting live content, interact with anchors, and at the same time conveniently purchase goods. It supports payment in multiple currencies, and can set currency settings according to user needs, allowing users to easily complete shopping no matter where they are. We provide a member center to allow users to better manage personal information and enjoy membership rights. Users can also easily manage orders and know their order status at any time. We also provide a broadcast notification function so that users will not miss any exciting live events. In addition, users can also watch the live broadcast at any time and experience different viewing methods.
Achieve multi-platform customer service interoperability, allowing your customer service team to quickly respond and solve customer problems. Our customer service management platform provides convenient information archiving functions, allowing you to search and review customer communication records at any time, customer service support tools such as smart replies and shortcut phrases, short video functions and voice call functions, allowing you to communicate with customers more intuitively and improve Communication effectiveness and speed of problem solving.
Weber is a simple platform with website building tools. Be it a professional company website, a beautiful portfolio, or an easy-to-use online store, Weber can provide you with building services to suit your needs.
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